What is Contact LEADer?

Contact LEADer is a tool designed to improve communication between your company and the clients. It works really easy – following the installation, a widget button is displayed on your website. The button allows the user to request a phone call with your consultant. Attractive appearance and easy use are an effective incentive for contact.
Thanks to Contact LEADer you can double the number of leads from the website, which equals twice as many opportunities for sales!
How does it work?
After entering your website, the client notices the button encouraging them to contact you.
After clicking the button, the client requests a phone call by entering their phone number in the pop-up window.
The system automatically connects you or your consultant with the client – in just 15 seconds!
You can acquire even twice as many opportunities for sales!
Why is it worth it?
We will connect you to your client in no time at all.
A phone call is one of the easiest and most effective sales methods. Contact LEADer's attractive form not only encourages the client to start a quick contact, it is also very easy to use - your client only has to have their mobile phone with them. We will connect them with you in just 15 seconds. Thanks to it you can gain twice as many sales opportunities!
Easy configuration, perfect look – also on smartphones!
Acquiring new leads in just a few minutes? It's possible! Thanks to the transparent panel you can adjust the content and appearance of all elements to your website in just a few steps. The widget can be used immediately after adding the code fragment to the website. It's enough for you to do it once - Contact LEADer will perfectly fit every stationary or mobile device used!
Keep up to date – sell via Messenger!
Facebook is used by over 22 million Polish people, which makes Messenger the most popular messaging program in Poland. In Contact LEADer, the configuration of a Messenger connection is free and takes only 5 seconds. That's all it takes to modernise your way of contacting the clients and increase the number of leads. Your clients will love that convenience!
Acquire leads even when you are offline
Contact LEADer works for you also while you are resting. The so-called ’night mode’ will allow you to specify the hours during which - instead of receiving the encouragement for instant contact - the user will be able to indicate when they would like to talk to your consultant. Thanks to that you won't miss any lead!
Measure the efficiency of advertising campaigns
Do your clients prefer to contact salespeople via phone rather than contact forms or e-mails? It's typical of many industries. But how can you measure how many people call you thanks to Google Ads, for example? With Contact LEADer it's not a problem anymore - thanks to the integration with Google Analytics you will be able to check how many phone calls you owe to a particular campaign! Would you like to further improve sales efficiency at your company? You will find full data on completed calls - you will even be able to play them back!
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